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Nov 15, 2004
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Foster Gallery Fete

Save The Date​

Join us for an evening of artistic splendor amidst the company of fellow art enthusiasts and creators at the Foster Gallery Fête on Thursday, April 4th from 5 - 7 p.m. at the Miramar Beach Creative Campus, home to The Foster Gallery and J. Leon Studio. We'll be celebrating the opening of our new Special Exhibition featuring works by Patrick McFeeley scheduled to run April 1 - May 31, 2024.

In addition to Patrick's art works, the Gallery currently features a diverse range of styles and mediums with over 40 exhibitors. From captivating canvases to thought-provoking sculptures, each piece promises to ignite your senses and inspire conversation. Mingle with the artists themselves and gain insight into their inspiration and techniques. Light bites will be served throughout the evening, complementing the ambiance of creativity and camaraderie.

The Miramar Beach Creative Campus is open Tuesday - Saturday from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. For a list of Creative Campus events and classes, visit the CAA website.

National Geographic Magazine Nov. 1998 Cover
Patrick McFeeley has spent the past three decades exploring and capturing the Island of Maui bringing to the world the now iconic Jaws Maui, home to some of the largest waves in the world and capturing natural beauty that draws visitors from around the world. The devastating wildfires of 2023 that destroyed the town of Lahaina, Maui forced Patrick to leave his beloved island to start over. With the support of friends and family these images represent some of the beauty, majesty, and peace that is the Island of Maui.

Patrick spent many years building marketing programs for popular resorts until in 1987
he was recruited to return to his birthplace of Hawaii. Just 4 short years later Hurricane
Iniki would destroy much of the Island of Kauai, but the images Patrick captured in the
wake of the storm inspired him to invest in a Canon camera, relocate to Maui, and begin the journey to professional photographer.

After 20 years of marketing prestigious resorts, he used his eye for stunning landscapes and compositional aesthetics to become an extreme sports photographer and a breathtaking scenic photographer.His photographic explorations led him to discover and capture Maui’s extreme surfers who ride 60 foot waves.
The photo “Jaws Maui” - was featured on the cover of National Geographic Magazine and was chosen as the cover and feature story for the first National Geographic Magazine issue that debuted in stores, selling over 14 million copies. His uncanny photographic timing has been featured in sports and nature magazines around the globe.
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