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Beach Lover
Apr 14, 2009
Think we may have a bear in the Magnolia area. Our garbage cans have ended up around the back of our house, down the side yard, and into our neighbors back yard....now that's a long haul for anything much smaller than a bear!


Beach Lover
Sep 1, 2009
I just finished picking up the trash from the garbage can that was moved from the front of the house to the brush behind the house, last night. When my wife left for work this morning she saw the trash can laying in the back but decided to leave it when a "growl" came from the brush. I moved the can back, this morning and didn't see or hear anything. I've concluded that this wasn't a panther, bobcat, raqcoon, possum or snake. Despite the cold weather, I'm fairly sure it's not a polar bear. Are the hungry black bears, truly not meat eaters, I'll not be the portly old man that changes one hungry bear's eating habits!


Beach Lover
Jul 24, 2010
Where's zip3 to chastise you for posting these pics?

Listen, I am scared as hell. We had a bear in our yard last week and he chewed up a bird feeder that I had just put up out my kitchen window. He left a giant scat so we would know he was here and then went on a neighborhood garbage tirade. I have had a bird feeder in the front of the house and no problem. But a new feeder close to the back of the house which is all woods got attacked. We are surrounded by woods in Seagrove and neighbors have seen a bear but they have never chewed up a hard feeder before.
New posts

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