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Beach Crab
Jun 17, 2022
Hi! I'm a 25 yr old looking for a furnished 1-2 bedroom, pet friendly rental during this offseason (Nov 1-Dec 15) to stay in prior to moving to 30A permanently after the holidays. I will have 1 car and 1 dog (25 lbs, cocker spaniel, fully potty trained/crate trained). I work a remote job (software sales) so will need a place with working wifi. You can contact me at sambush97@gmail.com or 770-826-0674. Thanks!


Beach Comber
Jun 12, 2021
TN to FL
Hi Sam
What is your budget? We might have something.
40four six 60 four five 2 six
Hi. I saw this reply you made at the end of last year.
I am 49 (today, actually) and I am relocating to the area from Nashville,TN. I was wondering if you happen to have any studio/1bd rentals available?

I have been looking and looking and have not found anything yet. I thought I would take a chance and reach out and just ask.

Thank you for your help and time.

New posts

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