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Beach Fanatic
Oct 16, 2008
Even though it’s called “The Voice,” Santa Rosa Beach resident Geoff McBride has to be pretty quiet when it comes to his shot at the big time in the music industry.

He is going to appear on NBC’s hit reality series, but don’t expect him to elaborate.

“All I can say at this point is that I’ve auditioned,” McBride told The Sun Feb. 8.

For those who frequent First Note Music Hall, however, this will not be their first time seeing McBride perform, as he is a staple performer at the performance hall.

Before that, however, Geoff McBride was making waves in the ‘90s R & B world.

“He was actually a legitimate Atlanta record star,” said First Note Music Hall owner Tommy Jackson. “He was doing back-up singing for Aretha Franklin. He was legit. He was in the big times.”

However, because of the fickle nature of the music business, McBride found himself back in the area looking for gigs.

“My brother, Tim Jackson, found him. Geoff blew him totally away,” said Jackson.

“They ended up becoming the Old Florida Fish House band,” added Jackson of the duo.

It was after Jackson opened First Note that he approached McBride to be a regular summer performer at the music hall.

“I went to Geoff and said ‘You don’t belong in a barroom band,’ ” recalled Jackson. “Some eight weeks later, he was one of the crowd favorites.”

It wasn’t too much later that he was called to audition for “The Voice.”

“At first he didn’t want to go, but we elected that was the right move for him.” said Jackson, who has been contacted by shows like “The Voice” and “American Idol” as they look for fresh talent.

“It’s undeniable he has one of the strongest voices in the world,” said Jackson. “Chill bumps go everywhere when he starts to sing.”

Though Jackson compared the strength of his voice to “Luther Vandross on steroids,” he added, “When Geoff sings, there’s no mistake that’s Geoff McBride.”

With the next episode set to air Monday at 7 p.m., stay tuned for McBride’s appearance on “The Voice,” and catch him in person on the First Note stage Feb. 14, 17 and 18.

Since First Note Music Hall opened July 4, 2011, it has lived up to Jackson’s intention as a place to showcase artists. Located at the corner of Highway 83 and County Road 30A, First Note features between three and six varied-genre acts per evening, which rotate every five songs. Visit for more information and to keep up with McBride’s — and other signature artists’ — performance dates.

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SoWal Insider
Nov 16, 2008
Eastern Lake
I thought he had the most powerful voice of any of the contestants tonight. He came across quite well.


Beach Fanatic
Aug 5, 2005
He mentioned Santa Rosa Beach Florida twice on national television...........pretty cool.

Congrats Geoff............don't forget to mention Sowal!


Beach Fanatic
Feb 4, 2008
Roosevelt, MN
Great job Goeff. I would love to see you make a new entrance into the music industry. I know that's where your heart is....right alongside your wonderful family.


Beach Fanatic
Jul 31, 2006
back in SRB
Awwww...y'all are so awesome! We both say thank you so much! Ash, we miss you guys!
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