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mikecat adjuster

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Oct 18, 2007
Kurt, I don't get into taking 'quality' photographs like I use to and don't snap pics like I use to (well, other than snakes and wildlife) but I have to say... I just looked at a bunch of your pics and man, you have a great ability to capture a moment in time, a color, a shade. The nuances, the angles, the forethought into your positioning and to the ramifications of light on your subject, the timing. Everything. I'm impressed. I wish I could afford a high dollar digital camera. My hundred dollar one that I had for insurance adjusting is actually broken after a fall, but still able to be used. I have to hold it a certain way for it to work, which isn't conducive to moving wildlife. My Minolta slr, well, developing is expensive. Anyway, if you ever want someone to go out on a shoot with you I'd sure like a heads-up. I just really, though, wanted to tell you that your shots inspired me. Thanks.
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