Grayton Brewpub Expanding to Second Location in Destin

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    In mid-March, Hog’s Breath Saloon closed its doors in downtown Destin after serving up food and drinks for almost two decades. The building has sat vacant ever since. Soon, Grayton Brewing Company Brewpub will move in after a total remodel.

    Chan Cox, founder and manager of Wine World, recently purchased the building and property that Hog’s Breath sat on.

    “We purchased the whole property,” Cox said, which includes five lots on about two acres from U.S. Highway 98 back to Mountain Drive. “We’re doing a lot of demo right now. We’re taking it down to the slab, the floors down to the slab ... taking everything to the walls and completely remodeling, redoing it and redecorating.”

    Cox said Wine World will own and operate the business but with a licensing agreement with Grayton Brewing Company.

    Cox founded Wine World in 2000 and has since opened locations from Fort Walton Beach to Panama City Beach.

    As for the new venture, the remodeling will include more “interior space to the front of the building, which will be a glassed-in brew pub,” Cox said. “So we’re going to have a beautiful copper brewhouse right on the highway.

    “We’re real excited about it,” he added.

    Hog’s Breath was known for its food and drinks, and also for its T-shirts with the slogan “A hog’s breath is better than no breath at all.” The shirts were sold in a shop adjacent to the restaurant/saloon.

    New Destin, FL business Grayton Brewing moving in to old Hog’s Breath

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