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    Well, Im finally here. My name is Floyd Pharo, Jr. but everyone calls me Brother. Not my fault. Either one. Two older sisters did that to me when I was born. Anyway, I'm from Birmingham. I have been coming down here for vacations for years and decided to open a lighting business here recently. We are American Coastal Lighting in Santa Rosa Beach just past Sacred Heart on Goldsby. Im divorced with two beautiful daughters Ella and Demi. Its sort of a big deal for me to relocate my life at this age, 50, yikes! but I am comfortable with my decision and just wanted to introduce myself as I know very few people who live here. Now my friends and family visiting is another thing! I seem to have gainedpopularity since the move as everyone wants to visit. And that's all good too. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Hope to meet some of you soon. IMG_20150704_202045_edit.jpg
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    Hi Floyd and welcome to town!

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