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    Austin, TX
    Hello my beloved SoWal beaches!
    I grew up in the St. Augustine beaches area but back in the 80 attended FSU and this is when I discovered the SoWal beaches and particularly fell in love with Grayton Beach. In Nov 2008, I did a solo trip from Austin to Grayton and I was embraced by the wonderful gang at the Hibiscus. After returning to Austin I ended up adopting two kittens and named them Grayton and Greta. Since the 80s I have felt an intense affection and connection to Grayton Beach and have been overwhelmed with anger, fear and sadness about the oil.
    My 5 girlfriends and I are taking a much needed girlfriend holiday to Grayton Bch for five nights over the July 4th weekend. We booked the trip back in April and have recently decided that we are coming. We are committed. I am very interested in doing volunteer work for beach clean up if needed. Also, can anyone suggest a place for me to rent a paddle board?
    Thanks to all!
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    Santa Rosa Beach, FL
    Grayton Beach

    Yolo Boards rent the boards as well as BraHa Surf Shop

    YOLO BOARD - Stand Up Paddleboards, YOLOyak, Stand Up Kayak or Brah Ha Surf Shop (Brah Ha Surf) | MySpace

    I hope this information is helpful to you. I live near Grayton. Close enough to ride my bike to the Red Bar and Hibiscus both. It is a wonderful area and the oil has not hit our beautiful beaches (yet). I hope it never makes it here.

    Have a safe trip.

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