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Apr 17, 2009
We made it in on Tuesday and are staying at High Pointe. We are totally sold on Sowal! Couple of quick thoughts from a first timer:

Wow, 30a is tiny! I was expecting a 'Texas' sized highway - it's smaller than the street I live on! Next time I won't mind staying across from 30a at all.

High Pointe is great. The buildings are probably the least attractive of the area, but I appreciate the landscaping off 30a and next to the beach. You don't just drive up and see 'plain condo!' staring at you. Our condo is fantastic with great views. The cottages in this area are so cute.

Love the fountains across the street.

Took the kids to Bayou Bills last night. Our waiter, Dave, was the best. Good seafood- reminds me of the old seafood restaurants I went to as a kid! Would love to have date night with the hubby at a nice restaurant, but don't think that will happen. Cowgirl kitchen was great, summer kitchen (name?) decent. Tried to eat at Seaside/Watercolor area, but it was crazy packed and couldn't find a parking spot.

LOVE IT that everyone walks or rides bikes! It's so quaint here I could possibly pass out. Saw people playing lawn bowling last night and the art market this weekend...what next?!

LOVE the Sugar Shak.

What's up with Alys Beach? It's beautiful...but dead. I get the feeling the 'under construction' comments are a running joke.

Anyway, just love this area
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Beach Fanatic
Jul 24, 2008
We're glad you discovered our area.
Alys Beach is Alive and well, If you missed Digital Graffiti last weekend you missed an incredibly lively annual event.

Venture "out west" to Seagrove, Seaside, Grayton beach and other communities if you can, each section has something to offer but still retains the intimate charm that we that live here love.


Beach Fanatic
Apr 27, 2006
Santa Rosa Beach
Glad you are having a great time. There is so much to see and do. Hope you get the opportunity to check out the west end of 30A too! The drive is beautiful.


Beach Fanatic
Jan 25, 2005
Michigan but someday in SoWal as well
Great description of your trip so far. If you are looking for a special place for dinner for a date with your husband, try the Caliza Pool restaurant at Alys Beach. Also, the whole family can go to the Friday night apres beach event in which they have wine and appetizers (when I was there the appetizers were like a meal). And there's a play yard for young kids right next to Fonville Press, the litlte coffee shop where it's held. Alys Beach right now looks like a bit of a ghost town, in part because the buildings are so white;-) but it's actually a pretty good place to find activities. And other than the restaurant at Caliza Pool (where we went for Easter and thought it was stunning) and Fonville Press, I'm looking forward to see what else develops at Alys Beach over time, especially because we're right down the street about 1/2 mile away at the Cottages at Camp Creek! I'm hoping it will increasingly become one of those places we hang out at. And we, too, love the fountains across the street from High Point at the Villages of South Walton. Do they "dance to music" at night around 8:00 like they used to?
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