How to Re-Open the Beaches

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    Will the beaches keep closed until all businesses including rentals re-open or will we have a phased plan in place?

    Here is what Okaloosa County is considering:

    All phases are presumed to have social distancing measures remaining in place at this time, subject to future modification as each phase is considered.

    Phase 0 – Closed Beach - All Activity is prohibited.

    Phase I – Limited Beach Opening – Essential Recreational Activities such as walking, biking, hiking, fishing, running, or swimming during the hours of 6AM-8AM and 6PM-8PM. Excluded Commercial Activities: Beach Vending, Weddings, and the Pier.
    Estimated approximately 1-3 weeks. Proposed Starting Date as determine by BOCC.

    Phase II – Expanded Beach Opening – Same activities as Phase I plus commercial Activities (Pier, Beach Vendors, Small Weddings - Under 10) and 1 additional hour to previous times frames.
    Estimated approximately 1-2 weeks. Flexible Starting Date

    Phase III – Full Beach Opening – All Activities Permitted – New Normal Operations Flexible Starting Date - Generally may tie into consideration of COVID-19 Situational Criteria and Governor Lifting or modification of Executive Order 20-68 (bar and restaurants”), 20-71 (“alcohol sales and restaurants” and any other protective orders which would have great impact on community safety by doing so.

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