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    Other than Mediacom, what are good options for TV and internet for a weekly rental home in the Blue Mountain Beach area? Have had Mediacom forever, service isn't bad, just looking for a way to reduce costs. Please share good and bad experiences. Thank you!
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    We ditched Mediacom as our cable TV provider. Kept their internet and went to Hulu and Netflix.
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    SoWal is rural. We don't have options like cities.

    Mediacom is a monopoly for cable TV for most of SoWal. Mediacom cable internet and centurylink DSL are the conventional internet services.
    As you may know, streaming TV is taking over but might not be convenient for rentals. Some rentals go with it though with Smart TVs since most renters can log in to their streaming accounts like netflix, hulu, etc. But there are still many people who rent who don't have live TV streaming accounts like Hulu live, PSVue, Google TV, Sling .... so you may need Mediacom cable. Some rentals still have DirecTV.

    Perhaps if you have a live TV streaming service you could set that up in your rental.

    Many people here know Mediacom is crap and customer service is nonexistent for residential accounts.

    A shocking fact is Mediacom doesn't even have cable in some SoWal neighborhoods yet. Hard to believe that just a few miles north of Seagrove Beach in Point Washington there is no cable.

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