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Discussion in 'All About SoWal' started by ASH, Jun 9, 2010.

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    I think there was a wedding in Santa Rosa Beach recently and this was the couple. There was a sign pointing toward the event planted on the South side of 30-A and 393 pointing We

    The sign looks like it was made by a local artist. It was the remnants of maybe an old bed post carved to a point on one end so it could be driven into the ground. The two names are painted in white lettering on a piece of wood attached to the post. There were pieces of mirror glued onto the sign and it is just a cool thing to see.

    If this was from a wedding, I would think the couple would like to have the sign. It sat on that corner for about a week and a half and this morning, it was lying on the ground and so I picked it up.

    If anyone knows how to find this couple, I'll hold this sign and hopefully someone will claim it.
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    You might try the Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club, other than that it's probably a private house.

    Good luck!
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    I know Becca and Shawn! They are friends of mine from ATL who were married May 15 weekend. If you send me a PM with your email, I'll have them contact you. That's so nice of you, and you're right, they'd be thrilled. :)

    Edit: I just emailed her with the link to this thread. Hopefully she'll be in touch soon.
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