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Miss Kitty

Jun 10, 2005
Yay! Let's go! Just in time for my visit! That is one thing I do without when I am down in SoWal....good tex mex!


Beach Comber
Nov 22, 2008
No bueno clarification

The chips and salsa were not good. It tasted like canned diced tomatoes with chopped onions added. Oh, and they charge if you want more than one salsa, we obviously didn't after sampling the first helping. The house margarita was $9 (medium sized), and I'm pretty sure it was just a big glass of store bought sour mix on ice. Couldn't taste tequila at all. My friend tried to order away from menu, because she's a vegetarian which I understand can be problematic, but all she wanted was tacos with sauteed veggies, and they brought her crunchy store bought taco shells with iceberg lettuce and cheese. I had some sort of dinner sampler. The chile rellano was pretty decent, but everything else tasted like it was fresh out of the microwave. The truth is I expect mediocre food at almost every mexican restaurant, and I'm completely okay with that. Its just that they are selling all their food at premium prices and that I'm not okay with. If it was reasonably priced I'd still go back (when I was in the mood for some microwaved refried beans), but its way overpriced and I personally dont see them lasting more than a year.

You're gonna have to better than that or prepare to be ignored or considered to be the competition.

Apparently I didn't get ignored, seeing as though you took the time to reply, and you are correct I am the competition (see attachment)


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Beach Fanatic
Mar 27, 2005
Pt. Washington
We went there for lunch today and really enjoyed it. No it isn't La Cocina which we like as well, but just not comparable.
Canuck had the vegatable taco and it was in a homemade shell and he thought it was very good. They just opened on
Thursday so perhaps we should give them time to work out the little issues. And the service was very friendly and fun.

HD Lady

Beach Fanatic
Mar 10, 2009
Santa Rosa Beach
We'll go back for seconds!

Mr. HD and I went last Thursday nite and thought the food was pretty good for a local Mexican restaurant. Salsa n chips were as good as any I've had locally Mr. HD had the fajita burrito (chicken) and I had the enchiladas verde. Both items were prepared to our preference, served hot and were tasty. Service was friendly, prompt and attentive. The prices were comparable to many of the other local Mexican restaurants. I wish them well. It would be nice to see a restaurant succeed in that location.


SoWal Guide
Staff member
Nov 15, 2004
South Walton, FL
OH so excited! We definitely enjoyed our first meal at Los Rancheros last night! Beware, the cheese dip is very spicy! I love it that way but it was too spicy for the kiddo. They were able to make a special mild bowl - was surprised they didn't have this option available already - I hope they add mild cheese dip to the menu because that is all the kiddo wants to eat whenever at a mexican restaurant!

I've always enjoyed Los Rancheros in Panama City so I was not surprised to find this location on 98 in SoWal to be very good!

Welcome Los Rancheros!

ps. I suggest bigger margaritas at lower prices!
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