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bob bob

Beach Fanatic
Mar 29, 2017
I was just about to post this - so sad...

More than 6 local businesses are planning to leave the Gulf Place town center on 30A.

The retail hub has a new owner, Amor at GulfPlace, and will be replacing stores once current contracts expire.

Shop owners renting the spaces have been notified that leases for their shops will not be renewed.

“Well, it’s never been properly announced still to this day, and nobody has really said a whole lot to us. But they have advised us roughly about two months ago, or probably a bit longer than that, that none of the leases will be renewed, that they had bought the center and we should just move on,” said SOHO President Phillip Markey.

Markey owns both SOHO Beach and SOHO Style, established at Gulf Place at its opening in 2000. Markey decided to leave his contract early and will close both doors in Oct. of 2023.

Stores such as Yolo and Sunrise Coffee will remain in the store until their contracts expire. Yolo in Dec. of 2023 and Sunrise Coffee in Apr. of 2024.

“It’s just business. I’m old enough to realize that things do change and you’ve got to move with it. So in this case, it was very abrupt and unexpected for the locals they’re upset,” said Markey.

Looking into the approximately $11 million deal made in Sept. of 2022, Amor at GulfPlace is registered under the same umbrella as the owners of Alvin’s Island.

The new ownership includes The Artists at Gulf Place huts, a cultural staple for the beachfront town center.

“It brings local art, and we just have a niche and a flair with our famous cat Socks. Everyone loves to come visit Socks year after year. We get to watch their kids grow up and like I said, you just really can’t find a groovy little spot like this. We have workshops six days a week. We have a wine walk once a month that the locals love and so do the tourists. So it’s just a unique spot that you really can’t find anywhere else on 30A,” said artist Autumn Johnson.

The art center’s lease is up in the fall of 2024. Artists are hopeful they can negotiate a deal to stick around longer.

Alvin’s Island or the listed owner has not returned News 13 requests for comments about the purchase or what will replace the current storefronts.

The condos and restaurants at Gulf Place will remain unchanged.

Purchase details in the story were found by local realtor Rachel Warrell.

SOHO has a new shop up and running in the Uptown Grayton Circle on 30A.

bob bob

Beach Fanatic
Mar 29, 2017

End of Summer Party at Artists at Gulf Place​



What: End of Summer Party at Artists at Gulf Place

When: Saturday, September 2, 2023

Time: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Where: Artists at Gulf Place
It's that time of year, when those fall temperatures are almost here! The Artist of Gulf Place invite you to attend their End of Summer Party on Saturday, September 2 from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. Join friends and family at Gulf Place to enjoy arts & crafts, live music, wine and food.

Artists at Gulf Place features eight colorful galleries filled with the art of local 30A artists - artwork, jewelry, pottery, photography, and tie dye. Follow Artists At Gulf Place on Facebook for more information on classes.
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Matt J

May 9, 2007
Love some of the shops there! They have been around for a long time.

Alvin's Island?

It's the same guy that owns all the Alvin's Islands, the working theory is that he's going to turn all the retail into one giant Alvin's Island.


Beach Crab
Mar 28, 2024
Santa Rosa Beach
Not a fan of the Alvin's Island stores, cluttered look... From what I hear, they will run all the stores and not have any renters. The only shop still there from the past few years is the small coffee shop. This business entity is so "smart" that I wouldn't put it past them to get rid of the coffee shop as well. They have no respect for what Gulf Place is, what it stands for, and why people enjoy it. That all means it will be just like a giant Alvin's Store masquerading behind different store names. Wish the owner of the commercial spaces would at least listen to the Gulf Place Community and maintain the atmosphere and appeal. They will probably get rid of the Artists at Gulf Place as well (I hope not as it is unique to the community, brings traffic and visitors to the area which is good for the commercial stores). They also own the large green area in the middle that was in the past leased/rented for music events, weddings, gathering... :sosad: I hope I'm wrong but only time will tell.
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