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Beach Crab
Feb 13, 2021
Santa Rosa Beach
Hey there! I am a professional model and photographer looking to work with local brands and business. New to the Santa Rosa Beach Area, I have most experience in modeling with several magazine publishing's, and tv experience. Though I do photography as well and can provide business and product photography. As far as modeling I have tattoos but am not limited to opportunities! From Bridal, Bikini, Fashion, Lingerie, etc. I am open minded to working with all sorts of brands!

I am currently starting real estate courses, though I am considering several ways to make extra income such as modeling, photography, babysitting, housekeeping, personal assistance, etc.

I have been a live streamer performing cosplay (costume), gaming, and podcasts for almost 5 years now. So anything with recording and filming media I love to do! I am also SUPER interested in getting into voiceover work! I am a renaissance woman one would say, ha. Anyhoo please email me if you have any interest in hiring me, don't be afraid to send me your ideas!


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Beach Fanatic
Jun 26, 2010
Lol I didn’t want to spam the site or anything haha.
Don't be shy now, you've already posted a lot of info but how can you expect anyone to desire your services as a model or photographer without posting samples of your work? Perhaps you have a link to examples? Not even a phone number or email?
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