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Think it would still be the same for both.
Okay, thank goodness it is a time in Australia (Sunday at 3 PM) at which I can talk to cnestg8r. The bonus points for
were for touchdowns, not touchdown yardage. Both games had 5 touchdowns, so that bonus point is not relevant.

No point in summarizing picker leaders now. Cnestg8r will do that later while we are all probably in nighty-nite mode.


Beach Fanatic
Nov 17, 2004
Week 14 pick'ems results

Congratulations to:
Season Leader: Iris for continuing her 3 pt lead!
Weekly Leaders: Red Dawg, Arkiehawg, and Jerry Lewis for 10 pick wins!
Most Improved: Red Dawg for a 4 position positive shift!

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