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Beach Comber
Nov 19, 2011
Point Washington
Help! We have to be out of our rental by 2/28. The owner has decided he wants to liquidate! And has also decided to give us 30 days notice, however, we just received the letter today so in all actuality, it is only 28 days!! I am freaking out! We are looking for a rental to stay in until we can buy/build a home. But with the market so high right now, it would not be a great time to do either. I am keeping up with all of the rental sites, but nothing is suiting our needs at this point. We are a family of 4, who will treat a home better than if it were our own. This is super short notice for us and we are in a bit of a bind. Hopefully we can find some creative options. We would really love to stay near the Point Washington area.
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