New - Online Planning Portal allows for the submittal & tracking of applications

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    Walton County Planning Launches CitizenServe Online Public Portal

    In an effort to streamline the Planning and Development Services Department, and to provide the public with an easier path through the planning process, Walton County has launched their online planning portal.

    The Walton County Online Planning Portal allows for the submittal of applications, the ability to follow and track applications through the entire planning process and provides for the submission and tracking of non-beach code enforcement complaints.

    Residents can access the portal from their home, office or mobile device.

    This portal allows for a greater level of transparency, increases internal efficiency and gives residents and staff the ability to submit and follow all planning and development projects through the entire process.

    The public can access the portal at
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    Used this site yesterday to register a complaint and the County had someone out fixing the problem this morning!
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