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Discussion in 'All About SoWal' started by Tiffany, Jun 3, 2012.

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    Hi all, I am moving to the area with my company around mid-end of June. I have a teenage son so I am looking for a long term rental in a nice area with good schools. I am getting mixed info on okaloosa schools vs Sowal schools. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance! ~ Tiffany
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    Welcome to the area! What kind of company do you have? You may want to consider the options available for your teenager before you make a final decision. Walton County School System, Okaloosa County School System, Dual enrollment through the local college campus (he can earn college credit toward his degree as long as he maintains at least a 3.0 in Walton and I believe a 3.5 in Okaloosa. I may be wrong but that was the last I heard. If he wants to do dual enrollment, he needs to come in and take the PERT test. We give that at the South Walton Center at 9am and 1pm Monday thru Thursday and then on Friday at 9am. call 200-4160 to set that appointment.

    Of course there is always (Florda Virtual School) but it takes a very dedicated student to do all his/her studies by a computer. This should be a good start to help you out. If you end up near South Walton, definitely stop by and talk to us.
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