News on Destin in Ivan's Aftermath

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    We go to Destin every May for a family vacation. I have been told by people recently returning from Destin that the sand is no longer sugar white and that the dunes are gone. IS THIS TRUE??? We have already booked and are considering postponing our trip until things get a little better. We usually stay near Mainsail across from the outlet mall. Any news or photos of that area?

    We also take family photos every year down on Holiday Isle right before the bridge to Ft. Walton. We usually walk out quite a ways to some rock jettys and some beautiful dunes to take photos. Are these gone too?

    We do not plan to cancel----but just postpone. A year without Destin would be a nightmare in this family! Please let us know.
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    Good morning -
    according to this morning's Destin Log, all of the Walton County beach repairs should be complete by April 1st.

    garner 8)
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    I stayed in Seagrove in mid October. Since the beach there didn't look it's best yet, we drove every day to James Lee Park in Destin (next to the Crabtrap restaurant). Temporary beach access was open as well as the Crabtrap & restroom facilities. The beach was great there - some dune damage but sugar white sand & beautiful blue/green water. I was hesitant about visiting the area so soon after Ivan but was not the least bit disappointed. I'm looking forward to a return trip in April.

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