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    We've been in business for more than four years and we're looking to add one or two part-time staff. Mostly on Saturdays (weddings, corporate events, festivals, etc), anywhere from two to four events per month, depending on season. Pay ranges from $20/hr to $25/hr, plus the occasional tip from event hosts. Please read the entire job description, particularly the qualifications.

    This is a fun, unique, part-time independent contractor position that pays well and will provide the opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills, meet thousands of new people and experience incredible events at amazing venues. We provide photo booth rentals for weddings and special events throughout the Destin/Santa Rosa Beach/Panama City Beach region. Your job would include transporting the photo booth to and from events, setting up and tending to the booth for the duration of each event, and then returning the booth to our office. You would typically work (autonomously) anywhere from 6 to 7 hours at an event for $20-$25/hr. Average pay for your event is typically $125-$175, plus an occasional tip from the event host.

    Our current operators/attendants - which have all been with us for quite a while - are responsible, fun, engaging, creative people with backgrounds in military, sales, management, computers, photography and/or the arts. They are all employed full-time with other companies and love the ability to earn extra income on weekends. Our company has built a stellar reputation with clients and other industry professionals and we expect you to represent us proudly. We take our fun seriously! If you think you have what it takes, please read on...

    The ideal candidate should possess the following skills and qualifications:
    - You live in the Santa Rosa Beach zip code. This is where you'll pick up and drop off equipment before & after events.
    - You should own a large vehicle (i.e., SUV, van, crossover). This is not a must, but you will do more events and earn more per event if you can transport the equipment yourself.
    - You have a professional mindset, but you are friendly and outgoing. You have no trouble engaging people in conversation.
    - You are self-motivated and dependable. You absolutely cannot call in sick to an event.
    - You have experience with computers and/or the ability to learn basic technical skills easily.
    - You have a smartphone with photo and texting capabilities. You have a home computer with internet.
    - On occasion, you may be asked to drive to events outside the immediate area, as far as Tallahassee or Pensacola. You will be reimbursed for drive time.
    - Clean driving record. No criminal history.

    If you fit these qualifications and/or have general questions, please email your resume or job experience to the email address below AND let us know where you live and what TYPE OF VEHICLE you drive.


    *To avoid spambots, we have removed the @ from our email address. You'll need to retype it correctly in your email.

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