For Sale Pine Lighter Knot Table

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    storage_emulated_0_Nikon_WU_Card_D06212017_001_104NIKON_DSCN0374.JPG storage_emulated_0_Nikon_WU_Card_D06212017_001_104NIKON_DSCN0368.JPG storage_emulated_0_Nikon_WU_Card_D06212017_001_104NIKON_DSCN0363.JPG storage_emulated_0_Nikon_WU_Card_D06212017_001_104NIKON_DSCN0354.JPG storage_emulated_0_Nikon_WU_Card_D06212017_001_104NIKON_DSCN0387.JPG storage_emulated_0_Nikon_WU_Card_D06212017_001_104NIKON_DSCN0387_2.JPG storage_emulated_0_Nikon_WU_Card_D06212017_001_104NIKON_DSCN0380.JPG Beautiful hand crafted from pine knot found in the deep woods in the Freeport area. Table is 17 1/2" high and an average width of 16" across
    Glass too is 22" across.
    Please feel free to text 850-333-5824 for of you have questions or intrested
    $350.00 OBO

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