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Mar 8, 2012
Santa Rosa Beach
The Preschool at Point Washington on 395 North is seeking a teacher for the one year old room.
Contact the office: (850) 231-5439 or send resume preschool@pwumc.org

Job Summary

One Year Old Room Teacher, Santa Rosa Beach, FL - Job Details

Basic Function: Implement the daily operations, educational planning and supervision in their individual classroom

Specific Responsibilities/Requirements:

1. Be on time to work and to sign in and out as scheduled.

2. Flexibility is required as the Director requests.

3. Have a cooperative and positive attitude with co-workers.

4. Communicate directly with administration and avoid gossip.

5. No written communication with parents (other than daily reports) without office approval.

6. Follow all requirements as presented in the General Employment Information handbook.

7. Attend training sessions and staff meetings as required.

8. Be prepared for planned daily activities.

9. Use naptime/free time productively.

10. Detailed lesson plan related to current theme is to be prepared, turned in on time and followed in the classroom

11. Classroom learning centers are to be well defined and properly labeled. Classroom is to be presentable and organized at all times.

12. Toys are to be sanitized daily and classroom cleaning responsibilities are to be performed before leaving each day.

13. Bulletin boards/classroom decor are to be kept in good condition and changed regularly.

14. Room is to be generously decorated with childrens' artwork.

15. Children are to be supervised at all times and attendance folder is to be maintained and updated when children arrive and depart. The folder is to travel with the group at all times.

16. Children and parents are to be greeted upon arrival and departure.

17. Children are to be spoken to at eye level using a low, calm voice. Positive communication is to be used to promote self-esteem.

18. Work toward teaching children social skills needed to problem solve.

19. Follow proper playground procedure at all times: no sitting, constant supervision of play space, and proper inspection of equipment for hazards.

20. Proper diaper/potty procedure is to be followed at all times. (hands washed, toilet sprayed, changing table wiped, etc.)

21. All children are to be kept clean at all times (faces, noses and bottoms).

22. Childrens' belongings are to be labeled and accounted for at all times.

Qualifications and Skills

40 childcare hours preferred

Job Type: Full-time with benefits and paid time off
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