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Beach Comber
Feb 28, 2021
We have a BEAUTIFUL 4 bedroom house in Santa Rosa Beach close to the bay/30A and are looking to rent out one of our extra bedrooms. We’re young adults but want a quiet, respectful roommate. We will have Bible study and community events every once in awhile at the home.
We aren’t partiers and we are nonsmokers and hope you aren’t either. We also own a golden retriever pup named Finley who’s 8 months old!

Looking for a young adult to fill this room.

the room will be available July 1st, 2021

$900 per month which also includes utilities

$200 security deposit

please message 9412285325
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Beach Comber
Jun 20, 2019
Inlet Beach

I'm 24. I'm quiet, respectful, and a nonsmoker. I dont party. I've also never missed a rent payment where I currently live.

If this is still available and you're interested in me being your roomate, please contact me at

(850) 420-8368

I dont answer calls from unknown numbers due to frequent scam calls. Please text

Andrew Hess

Beach Comber
Dec 14, 2021
Santa Rosa Beach
Hey, if this is this still available, let me know. I just texted you. But my number is 850-533-7587. Again, I work at Seashore flooring. I am 24 years old(today). Quiet, clean, responsible. Would live to hear some more details. Thanks, and God bless!!!
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