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    I don't normally do this, but when I have a really positive experience I like to share it. There are a lot of questions about roofers that pop up on here because, let's face it, Florida is brutal on roofs. We just had Providence out, today, to do some work. They have been taking care of us for 11 years, now, and totally rock it. I wrote the following review on Google. It's not BS. You cannot go wrong with them!

    I have used Providence Roofing for the past 11 years. The first job was a complete roof / decking replacement. We discussed many option with Jon Coville including the types of shingles and a metal vs. shingled roof. He provided us with great info that allowed us to make an informed decision that we didn't second guess. The roof is great and is still in great shape 11 years later.

    We have also used Providence to make repairs and improvements to work done by other businesses. the crew came out and was able to quickly and accurately determine what needed to be changed and repaired. Included in this was a repair of our 70 year old chimney which, now, looks brand new and is properly sealed from the elements.

    Our most recent repair was just today to replace shingles that had been worn away by a tree limb rubbing the roof for a number of years. The crew was fast, efficient, and professional. They completed the job very quickly, and the repaired area is a great match for the surrounding older shingles.

    Professional? Yup
    Efficient? Yup again
    Courteous? Absolutely
    Prompt? Yessir
    Good quality? The best!
    Stands behind their work? You bet!

    Having just made numerous upgrades to my home in Atlanta I had to sit through more dog and pony shows with contractors than I care to remember. You will not get that with Jon. He will tell you straight up and will give you the info for you to make the best decision for yourself. It's a no pressure experience.

    A roof is an expensive and important part of your house. You will come away from it all feeling that you made the best choice on your own rather than being "talked" into something you didn't necessarily need or want. If you want a roofing company that does quality work and will stand behind their product you cannot go wrong with Providence. They will do you right!

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