Purple Martin Houses and Mosquito Control

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    We get asked a lot of great questions about mosquito control at South Walton County Mosquito Control District.

    A common question that we get asked is, can putting up Purple Martin houses help in controlling mosquitoes?

    Based on current research, purple martins do not eat enough mosquitoes to offer control of mosquito populations. This is because they tend to be what is called generalist feeders, meaning they eat a lot of other insects besides mosquitoes. Adding a purple martin house helps balance a healthy ecosystem and definitely doesn’t hurt, but current research shows they don’t offer mosquito control because they just don’t eat enough of them. James Hill, the founder of Purple Martin Conservation Association, wrote that “mosquitoes comprise no more than 0 to 3 percent of the diet of martins.” In fact, during the day when purple martins are flying, they feed frequently on dragonflies, which are major predators of mosquitoes. And at night, purple martins hunt among the treetops, which are well above normal mosquito flight paths. All of this must be taken into consideration when deciding if a purple martin house should be put up.

    For more information on Purple Martin Houses and mosquito control, please visit The American Mosquito Control Association https://www.mosquito.org/page/FAQ

    If you are having mosquito issues or have any questions please call our office at: (850) 267-2112.

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