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Beach Lover
Apr 17, 2009
Love Cape San Blas and Apalachicola! St. George Island is also a favorite- visiting there over the summer too.

I can't give up on 30a just yet! Although we have second thoughts of buying in the area. I don't see how tiny 30a will be able to handle all the traffic. I also don't understand letting the chair companies hog the beach, even with empty chairs. It was crazy-- even when we got to the beach at sunrise.

I hate giving up the shops and restaurants at RB, but maybe we should try further west and see what that's like. I'd love to be able to bike to the area restaurants like we can do at RB.

Thanks for all the suggestions and keep them coming!


Beach Lover
Oct 26, 2012
The beach chair companies are hogging the beaches on the west end also especially on the west side of Ed Walline park. The BCC needs to address this issue. What gives the chair companies the right to take up what little of the beach there is left??!!


SoWal Guide
Staff member
Nov 15, 2004
South Walton, FL
Dune Allen Beach, on the west end of 30A, is a very quiet family beach community - no crowds, but close enough walking or bike riding distance on the 30A bike trail to Gulf Place. We have a large selection of Dune Allen Realty Vacation Rentals on and along Dune Allen Beach - gulf front, gulf side and on the north side of 30A (just across the street from the beach). If you would like assistance, please call 888-267-2121 and we will be happy to provide you with recommendations for the perfect vacation rental for your family.
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Yes, try Dune Allen Beach on the west end of Scenic 30A in South Walton. This area is really nice and low key. The only crowded spot you'll find is Stinky's Fish Camp, which is great if you feel like crowds. Plus it's an easy ride from the quiet side to anywhere along 30A or Destin, and PCB. Call Dune Allen Realty.


Beach Comber
Jun 27, 2013
We always go to the State Parks when we want to go to the beach once summer hits. We live on the west end, and it doesn't get nearly as crowded as the other end.


SoWal Insider
Mar 31, 2006
Santa Rosa Beach
Yep, state parks are the way to go in full-on Summer season. There are no beach chair rental bullies on State park beach. They also have cabins to rent in the park.


Beach Comber
Sep 27, 2014
Our family has been vacationing on 30A area for 30 years. Even bought property to retire. Selling property and we haven't vacationed there in 3 years. Beach chair vendors are ruining the area. When we vacationed in Grayton 3 years ago, couldn't believe that there were beach chair vendors who told us we couldn't put our chairs in their area. So sad. We have moved on!
hey dreamer, where have you moved on to?


Beach Fanatic
Mar 7, 2005
We road bikes through Inlet Beach last month (and every time we go down to SOWAL) and compared to many areas along 30A it is much quieter.
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