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Feb 9, 2007
I no longer stay in Dune Allen
So is running in front of cars....lesser of two evils!
I would hope those aren't the only options. How about no onions and no running in front of cars? Revolutionary, I know
wow...im so glad someone has time to disect forums. I find it amusing that anyone would take the time to go this deep off. My dog eats many things and the vet has approved it, stop googling, not everything is true!
If you are going to attempt sarcasm you should be good at it. Or you could try running in front of cars. Lesser of two evils!
I think I'll stick to the vets advice...thanks! Cronic googlers always think they are right.
See above.
LOL....I didnt say it neccesarily was or wasn't, I am finding this all amusing! I have a food list for my dog. Hes husky/sheperd and lives in Florida! He has to have nutrients provided in fats and vegetables to keep his skin healthy. But I have a Dr. tell me what that is, I dont google or listen to others. And as far as whoever went on an onion tangent, I simply stated what a dog I FOUND threw up, I did not feed it to him. Chill out. He was clerly a scrap fed dog as he would not eat the same food my dog had. I have kids and dogs, nobodys dead yet, I think were just fine thanks!
That's one persons opinion.
I have lived in SoWal since I was 2, some people like to stay stuck in whats always worked for them, I like to change it up. After leaving for a few years, and coming back, I can say thats so even more. Dr.'s and vets in this area are stuck in another century. Sure the rule of thumb might be no human food, and I also have been in the seat with a few thousand dollar vet bill, but mine was due to spinal arthritis, which is very common in sheperds, almost every german sheperd/breed has it along with hip displaysia. Our vet in Tallahassee where my husband got the dog and he lived with the dog for 8 years, was a K-9 police vet in Miami-Dade county for almost 14 years. We feed our dog a rice/turkey/veggie mix with a fatty amino acid oil in it. The vet is the one who told us to do it. I cant imagine living my life every day and eating the same meal all day every day, sure maybe its healthy, but not much fun. So yes we spoil our pet, hes 70 lbs of fur with very thick undercoat. He cant even go outside until late afternoon. Now I also have 7 yr old twin sons, they like to feed him crap sometimes, and we get on to them, its not allowed. But to say that all vets say no human food at all just isn't so, maybe the ones here. Maybe they dont want to take the time to learn new things, or go out on a limb for you to try something new with your pet for your pet. I have never heard no human food ever. Just not certain things (ONIONS, GARLIC, BONES, ****TY DOG FOOD,DEAD THINGS, TRASH, SOME FISH). On another note, maybe Gators parents should read this, Im just fine with my animal the way I have been doing things, and under my vets supervision, his skin is great and his coat is nice and plush with no scratchies. This post is making me scared to take my dog to a vet around here. I have already sworn off the Doctors in SoWal, all of them.
The first emboldened bit is readily apparent, your open mindedness is well demonstrated by never googling anything. The last emboldened ....well that's reasonable.
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danna B

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May 6, 2008
mack bayou
So let me get this straight. You decided to jump in on the conversation, not to add anything intelligent, but to once again, disect words typed on a computer, and try to figure out how I meant them. Nice try! Do you have anything to add to the actual topic? Or are you here to tell me what I am thinking and doing? Leonards animal has many of the same issues mine do. I was talking to him.


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May 8, 2007
Yeah, EGB what makes you think you can comment on this topic - it's not like you started the thread or anything............... ;-)

Miss Kitty

Jun 10, 2005
Yeah, EGB what makes you think you can comment on this topic - it's not like you started the thread or anything............... ;-)

:lolabove:...elgordo is crusty AND cranky...and makes very good points!
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