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Beach Lover
Nov 1, 2006
In an effort not to trample Mr. Wise's book thread any longer, here is a new thread specifically for discussion about Redfish Village and their beach access.

So, BMBV, how did it go last night? Anything get ironed out?

John R., on 12/08/2006 you were nice enough to create this thread concerning Redfish Village issues in the community of Blue Mountain Beach, and I thought an update on Redfish Village sales activity would be appropriate near this first anniversary; this data comes from the MLS as of 12/14/2007.

Units-Sold--------------29----Actual-----$34,074,000 35%
Units-Active Listings---20----Asking-----$24,784,000 25%
Units-Expired Listings--32----Asking-----$39,081,800 40%
Total-------------------81---------------$97,939,800 100%

Units-Sold--------------29---------------$34,074,000 35%
Units-Unsold------------52---------------$61,460,524 65%

John R., many thanks for creating this thread. It has been one of the most viewed threads on SoWal and remains very informative.
New posts

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