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Wanted Roommate or 1bed/1bath

Discussion in 'Rentals - Long Term' started by Austin Bentley, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. Austin Bentley

    Austin Bentley Beach Crab

    Feb 11, 2018
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    Hello everyone. I am currently looking for a roommate or a 1 bed/1bath apartment. My current lease is up June 20th, so I would like to move into a place around that time.

    I am working at a new bank in the area located in Inlet Beach. There is also a location in Destin that I will have to work at from time to time, so a place located between the two would be ideal.

    I am living with a female at the moment who is an old family friend. I am open to living with male or female. As long as the other person is clean I couldn't care less. Feel free to email/text/or call if interested.


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