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Hey Kurt,

I got a brochure in the mail today for a "Rare Homesite" opportunity in Seaside. Your pictures on the front are beautiful. They make me wish I was there. Maybe this photography thing is something you should consider as a career path! (Just kidding) They are really great pictures.

I really have to run. I am going to buy that lucky lotto ticket, and check for all the change under my sofa cushions, so I can send my deposit post-haste for this jewel. (I wish!!!)


SoWal Insider
One of the shots is sunrise (?) facing down the beach with the Pensacola pavillion taking center stage.

The second photo shows a Dad carrying his little girl in a bright orange bathing suit and their beach gear through the East Ruskin pavillion.

Really nice.

Kurt Lischka

Staff member
Oct 15, 2004


Beach Lover
Nov 27, 2004
Only one of the two $4.2M lots was put on the market and it has already been reduced to $3.75M. The lot at $1.9M has been withdrawn from the market. Apparently there we a couple of interested buyers at full price. Seaside lot prices are double what they were a year ago.
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