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Feb 21, 2006
Sign this Petition to protect Florida State Lands!

Please cross post and email your contacts.

Stop County Studies of Powerline Road / 30A To 98 Connector Petition – a road through Pt. Washington State Forest as opposed to widening voter acceptance of Hwy 395 and Camp Creek Pkwy.

This Petition is a collective effort of diverse political beliefs of Walton County, Florida Voters / Citizens. This is a true Grassroots We The People Initiative.

Why sign this petition:

• Walton Co BCC is already aware that not one FL state agency overseeing State Lands is in support of the Powerline Road / 30A to 98 Connector road through state forest

• We The People are resoundingly opposed to this every time it is placed on the BCC Meeting Agenda

• BCC continues to approve feasibility studies....AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE – this year’s expense is proposed at $600K+- despite continued Taxpayer opposition

• Walton Co is about Conservation and Preservation, not destruction of our natural habitats

• It is extremely irresponsible for our elected officials to spend our money so haphazardly and without regard to our wishes and concerns

This expense item should NOT be on any meeting agenda of Walton Co BCC. Please sign this petition if you are in support of preserving our protected wildlife, forests, preserves, parks and wetlands.
Thank you for your support!

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