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Carol G

Beach Fanatic
Jan 15, 2007
Point Washington
There are (at least) three that are living in the soffit over my balcony. I do not want to call an exterminator - I really want to deal with them humanely, but don't know how. My only idea is to smoke them out with incense, and then plug the access holes with steel wool & duct tape. I'm just afraid that there might be a nest with babies up there, and they won't be able to get out. Anyone have experience with this? SoWallers, do you know any local, humane options? I sent an email to Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge over a week ago, but no response.


Beach Lover
Jan 22, 2009
I don't know the recipe but you might do some googling my dad passed away so I can't ask him but he got rid of squirrels in his roof area with repeated use of placing a mixture that I know included cayenne pepper and possibly vinegar.
Permanently got rid!
but they hated the mix and tried to dump it so it did involve some cleanup. It didn't take too long before they left for easier digs.


Dec 7, 2008
buy a 1/2 hart trap at lowes and use peanut butter as bait. it traps them but i'll be honest unless you do away withg them they'll go back yr after yr. or you can take them 10-20 miles away.


Beach Fanatic
Feb 9, 2008
Historic Old Point Washington
I used moth balls in my attic to get rid of squirrels. I had to deal with the moth ball odor for a while, but they never came back. Quick and easy although a bit toxic. It beats dead squirrel or squirrel droppings. Good luck!
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