Tampering with turtle nests

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    This is a terrible story. It's hard to believe anybody could be so thoughtless and destructive, but they can. :bang: Those of us who care about this place need to do everything possible to support Turtle Watch and protect the nests, and all of our wildlife.

    WJHG.com: Sea Turtle Nest Tampering Breaks Record

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    This is just as bad as the ones taking flash pictures with a huge leatherback trying to nest.... they should all be prosecuted.....
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    From Defunaik Herald Beach Breeze and South Walton Turtle Watch

    We in our area are having ruff surf, this means, sea turtle hatchlings will wash back onto shore. If you find a hatchling please call 850-897-5228 if you are in Walton County. You can try to put it back into the water but the hatchling is probably very tired and needs to get. SWTWG will give it a a place to rest and release it after dark when we think it is strong enough. Please put the hatchling in a bucket or what you have with damp sand, never ever water, it will try to swim if you put water and we want it to rest. Put a damp towel over it and take it out of the sun, if there is a vendor or lifeguard near take it to them and have them call SWTWG. Thanks so much

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