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Jan 30, 2007
I think I know why you are not local anymore. It is pretty clear to me. And I guess being the "developer" not the contractor is a way to CYA in case your own building is not up to par.



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Oct 28, 2005
A local

Not the first time you have left. Seems like a trend to me. Reminds me of the developers that blow in here from other areas, take everyone's money then disappear and don't give a hoot about their product and the people who invested their hard earned money.

See ya!


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Dec 24, 2006
Teardown House in Rosemary Beach

Hello everyone in sowal reading this! I am amazed at this blog. I almost regret having mentioned months ago the problem of mold due to windows being improperly installed in the original house and I don't know how that comment turned into this, at times, absurd and ongoing discussion.

The former gulf front house that was demolished, bottom line, was not adaptable, in many ways, for the new owner's requirements. True, the windows had leaked at the seals causing mold in the walls; however, that issue could have been handled without demolishing the house, as you all know.

For example, a feature of the new house that was impossible to accomplish in renovating the former house is "fortified" design for up to catagory 5 windspeeds.

I want to note that the demolition of the house was not due to the competance (or incompetance) or due to the craftsmanship or lack thereof of the former house's architects or contractors.

The new house is entirely different than the former house in both style and construction systems and I am happy to have worked with this client. Also, we have a wonderful contractor and a good relationship with our entire team of architects, contractor, and subcontractors. To design and construct any project successfully, a good and comfortable "team" is crutial. This team starts with the client and must include the architect, interior designer, structural engineer and other specialty engineers, contractor, subcontractors, material and product suppliers, landscape designer/architect etc. I also believe firmly, that a good team is only made up of people who respect each other and each person's expertise.
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