Trees on the Coast 30A Live Oak Planting Projects

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    Trees on the Coast (TOTC), a local 501(c)3 environmental nonprofit, asked for approval to donate, plant and irrigate 87 Sand Live Oaks at no cost to the County between the new bike paths and 30A on the north side of 30A at Western Lake and west of Hwy. 283 on the south side of 30A. The organization also asked permission to create an “Honor Tree” program to allow citizens to honor loved ones by donating trees with a small 4-inch by 6-inch honor plaque installed in the ground at the base of their donated tree.

    SWCC and Scenic Corridor Foundation spoke in favor of the projects. Representatives from Regional Utilities and CHELCO expressed significant concerns about the trees interfering with their access to their facilities and causing damage to their facilities.

    Commissioner Anderson stated that he feels this is a very worthwhile project. He suggested that TOTC and the county work closely with our utility companies. He also advised that a new Florida Green Book is coming out in the next few months that provides new standards that may help with this. (The Green Book provides criteria for public streets, roads, highways, bridges, sidewalks, curbs and curb ramps, crosswalks, bicycle facilities, underpasses, and overpasses used by the public for vehicular and pedestrian travel. This manual is intended for all projects not on the state and national highway systems.) He asked that everyone try to make this work and suggested Mr. French get with the utility companies and come back to the BCC when the new Green Book is out and the details are worked out with the utility companies.

    Our hope at SWCC is that the utility companies will come to the table and work with the county and TOTC to make these and other projects like them a reality to improve the appearance of our communities and to realize the myriad of other benefits of trees including erosion control, improved drainage, noise reduction, air and water quality improvement, traffic calming effects and temperature reduction on roadways and paths through the provision of shade among other benefits.
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    Thanks for the update @South Walton Community Council

    This group is definitely working to make a difference. I've read about some of their work.

    Trees on the Coast | Facebook page: Trees on the Coast

    What We Do
    Through its planting program, Trees on the Coast helps stem the tide of tree loss and expands the tree canopy and beauty of Okaloosa and Walton County’s streets, neighborhoods, schools, businesses and parks. Tree plantings will increase community involvement and encourage civic pride.

    Conservation is critical to the health of Okaloosa and Walton County’s environment. Preserving the existing tree canopy is environmentally sound practice.

    Trees on the Coast offers programs designed to teach the best methods for planting and caring for trees as well as the importance of trees. By partnering with cities and towns, the area’s Chambers of Commerce, the local business community, neighborhoods and schools; education will build a stronger sense of community. WE LOVE TO PRESENT EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS TO LOCAL SCHOOLS!!

    Support Us
    Trees on the Coast is passionate about getting trees in the ground. Because of this, we are very conscious and equally passionate about keeping our overhead expenses at a bare minimum. We know that by keeping overhead low, the vast majority of your donations to go directly into the cost of tree plantings. Find out how you can help support Trees on the Coast

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    Such a pity that utilities are so ornery about the use of our right of ways. They should be ashamed. It's bad enough that they have signs, posts, pipes, poles, flags, neon tape and other eyesores on our roadways, which all can be done out of sight or cleaned up, now they want to block tree planting!!!
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    Great Idea. We need more native trees planted here, NOT palm trees.
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    Rivard in Grayton Beach was bought and new owners took out all the palms out front. Not an improvement! Hopefully they will be replaced with native trees - oaks would be excellent!
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    I was wondering what was up with that. Agree that it looks even worse without the palms and would benefit from some new trees.
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    They have underground utilities there, which would likely need to be moved to the outside of the bike path as the trees grow. More $$$$$. Otherwise, this is an EXCELLENT project. Put some on the other side of 30A and one day it can be a canopy road.

    A little concerned about the dedication plaques at the base of the trees. It won't be long and the tree will incorporate them if they are not moved outward regularly. We saw a gravesite in Mobile, Alabama where it appeared a gentleman buried in the 1920's had become one with a massive oak tree.

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