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Beach Fanatic
Dec 26, 2019
South Walton
Visitor Tracking Study
This report is based on 500 internet and in-person surveys* with Spring visitors who traveled to South Walton between March 2021 and May 2021. Due to the abnormal nature of Spring 2020 as a result of COVID, comparisons are made to Spring 2019.

*Interviews were with out-of-county guests who stayed at properties/vacation rentals at beach communities across South Walton, and at various locations along the beaches.

South Walton’s visitor tracking and economic impact metrics were impacted by several factors in Spring 2021 including:
• Changes in visitor behavior
• Inventory increase

Visitor behavior
Fewer visitors stayed in their second home, with friends or relatives, or visited just for the day in Spring 2021
Visitors traveled in smaller parties and had a shorter length of stay

Inventory increase
Available units for visitors in Spring 2021 increased 2,610 units from 2019

Screenshot 2021-07-29 at 10-36-27 Visit South Walton - VSW_2021_Spring_Visitor_Tracking_Report...png

Will post more stay tuned...

Jim Tucker

Beach Fanatic
Jul 12, 2005
So 90% of visitors came without any prompting? Please stop wasting money on advertising!!!
Glad to see you caught that.

A glaring number.

The number one priority and expenditures should be protecting our resources, improving infrastructure and services in order to make visitors' experiences of the highest quality.

It's as simple as that. Spend on what matters and we will have high quality visitors who come again and again and have a real connection to the area and feel protective of our community.
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