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Miss Kitty

Jun 10, 2005
If non compliant dog owners are already allowing their dogs on the beach without permits, what makes the BCC think they will now go buy a permit? If that rule is broken, I can jsut imagine how much poo poo will be left behind. However, there is also the fact that probably most of the rentals along 30A are no pet rentals. How many tourists actually bring their pets and stay on 30A? Will the tourist's dog permit cost more than the $30.00 I spend? I should hope so.

I venture to guess that if LEOs would visit the beach and ticket these rule breakers (along with the non permitted cars), the coffers would be overflowing with funds. I just went and reupped Molly's beach permit and saw that the fine for pets w/o permits was $100.00! Poopoo violations were $50.00!
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Jan 14, 2008
Since I walk the beach almost daily I think I know what I am talking about here. Almost ALL the dogs I encounter are not on the leash and are allowed to roam the beach unsupervised and they are down there at a time when they are not allowed to be. So much for our rules and I have complained for years!!! I was even chased a week ago by a dog that was much too far away from it's owner and fortunately I had a small travel umbrella with me to protect myself. The big mistake was that I didn't have my cell phone with me to call 911. I don't mind telling you I was frightened because the dog was snapping and showing his teeth at me. And yes, the owner of the dog was a week end visitor and KNEW his dog wasn't allowed on the beach.
No, this new ruling won't make much of a difference because our visitors do what they want to do here with no regard for others. I agree, why do we think our visitors will abide by the rules and buy permits, leash their pets and pick up? I think most of the locals here already know the answers to these questions.

LOCAL 32550

Aug 13, 2009
Dogs on the Beach

I walk my dogs on the beach everyday. We walk to the whale's tail and
socialize. I'm tired of the people who bring their dogs without permits.
I get permits every year. They also let their dogs run without leashes.
I think the sheriff needs to patrol down there every day after 4 pm.
I tell the people that they need a permit for the dog They just laugh.
Now I pay for the privilage to walk my dogs on the beach They don't usually pick up after their dogs either.

Just Curious

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Apr 22, 2009
If my memory serves me correctly, this ordinance came before the BCC in August, and someone came up and asked the BCC to look at letting visitors have the privilege of letting their dogs on the beach, so it was out there. We just need to pay attention. I don't like it either. I don't want to see any dogs on the beach, but I understand the desire, and think that it should be limited to a specific area.


SoWal Insider
Jun 13, 2005
I understand the desire, and think that it should be limited to a specific area.

...same could be said for nude sunbathing--which, in my opinion, would be preferable to dogs running loose and pooping on the beach.

Now the pressure will be on for folks renting out their vacation properties to allow dogs. I just don't get a good feeling of where this thing is heading.
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Nov 21, 2007
DeFuniak Springs
This is what was listed on the Agenda for September 8th county commission meeting:

" Consider an Ordinance amending County Ordinance 2008-24 and Section
5-34 of the Walton County Code to provide clarification of proof of
residency to obtain permits to allow dogs on the beach"

Now, how did the consideration go from what appeared to be more stringent current rules to allowing visitor's dogs on the beach? On the video of the Commissioner's 9/08 meeting, reference was made to the hard work of staffer, Gerry Demears, to put together a proposal. Thus far, I have yet to find that information posted anywhere or a heads up BEFORE the meeting that this was going to be part of the ordinance being considered. I think we were blindsided by the commission on this one. This was a privilege for the residents of Walton County. Now all the surrounding county residents can come to Walton County and walk their dogs on our beach, let them chase our toddlers while off leash, poop on our beach and run up and down our dunes while going back to their home county and enjoy "NO DOGS ALLOWED" beaches. Our commissioners let the residents of Walton County down on this one. Possibly from pressure from the TDC to appease more tourists? More likely we will be appeasing Destin and P.C. residents who do not want dog friendly beaches. BTW, I am a responsible dog owner & lover of dogs, but this tirade is a result of experience with a large % of arrogant, irresponsible dog owners who do not think the rules apply to them. Somehow I suspect that % just increased.

Article IV Privileges and Immunities


Beach Lover
Jan 7, 2008
Santa Rosa Beach
My four year old niece got bit by a dog on the beach here, this was a local dog that was on a leash but got away from the owner. I have had several encounters with big dogs never on a leash and very scary looking. Once I had one try to eat my sandwich while we were having lunch. What about the beach mouse? The dogs are constantly running in the dunes. This seems like a backwards move by the county and I didn't know it was on the agenda at this meeting.


Beach Lover
Jul 11, 2005
A friend of ours got chased into the surf by a dog running loose on the beach. I've had big, barking ones run up to me on the streets and the beach while the owners did nothing. I like dogs (and I know that most owners are responsible people), but opening up the beaches to them really makes no sense. :bang:
I have been harassed by two large pit bulls that were following their jogging owner unleashed on the beach. Its ridiculous! You shouldn't have to worry about that kind of thing when your relaxing on the beach! :dunno:
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