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Beach Fanatic
Nov 10, 2009
We are selling our home in Tallahassee and moving to Freeport. Tallahassee use to be so simple in terms of life style. It offered simply life styles and beautiful canopy roads. It was a community. Our colleges brought students from all over and they never left. In college many of the students in my class where from Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and did not want to go back or leave Tallahassee. Except for one who I stayed in touch with for a number of years. Elvis loved Miami. He grew up there in the 60' and 70's. He later ran for Mayor of Miami and I think he is still trying to keep Old Miami the same. Miami use to have coconut trees everywhere until the city decided they had to go to keep the people safe from falling coconuts. Elvis was even arrested for violating the ordinance multiple times for growing coconut trees on his modest property. In Freeport they do not want us growing certain trees like sabal palms. Yes Florida is changing because of more and more people coming and staying. Our community is no different. Everything changes because of more and more people. My family loved the little petting zoo that use to exist in Grayton. Grayton is not the same. Freeport is not the same. Miami is not the same. Yet people keep coming. How do we try and keep our communities from change. We can't. We have to adapt and make the best of the changes. We need unity in our community. Great slogan huh? We can't keep fighting because big money always win when we are not unified. If I had my way I would suggest creating a Unity Month where we have local community events during the off season. Where we could all share our stories of the good old days. Where we all come together and NOT talk about local, state or national politics. Just share our stories of the old days and how beautiful this place will always be to us. Maybe during that month we find that politics is less important than our community and we start to find unity. Once we have unity we have a voice big enough to have the ability to balance development with something more important. Each of us have a perspective about what is important. We should listen to each other and stop fighting with each other. Even if we don't get what we want we get a feeling of being listened to like friends do with friends. Good luck to us all as we face our challenges between environment and population growth...

Matt J

May 9, 2007
It is certainly Grayton.
No, it's not. Since you haven't ever lived here and ceased vacationing her years ago, all your statements; you would be aware that county records specifically exclude Lake Place and it is not considered part of Grayton. Move on you don't visit or own land.

Kurt Lischka

Staff member
Oct 15, 2004
Perhaps you are referring to recorded plats and/or the recorded neighborhood plan and overlay.

For us regular folk, Grayton Beach stretches from the eastern edge of Grayton Beach State Park (bordering WaterColor) to the eastern shore of Little Redfish Lake. Grayton Preserve subdivision just beyond that is in Blue Mountain Beach, although residents and rental owners of that subdivision might argue that.

Lakeplace is definitely Grayton, even though gated communities are anti-Grayton.

As far as the northern boundary of Grayton, might as well call it Grayton Village Rd. And of course the southern boundary is the Gulf of Mexico.


Beach Comber
Aug 17, 2018
Santa Rosa Beach
Been looking down 30A for some time. Made cash offers. Moving elsewhere. Thoughts on Freeport and other areas east and west? Prices change dramatically. Why not?


Beach Fanatic
Oct 16, 2008
Been looking down 30A for some time. Made cash offers. Moving elsewhere. Thoughts on Freeport and other areas east and west? Prices change dramatically. Why not?
Freeport is about to take off. It will eventually be Uptown SoWal City.

Panama City Beach will always be the SoWal slums j/k sorta.
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