How to Become a SoWal Insider

Welcome to the secret SoWal Insider page. If SoWal is in your heart, then you are a SoWal Insider. And where your heart is at is always your home.

You love South Walton because it is often perfect but not always. And it doesn't have to be. You are on SoWal time even if you are far away. You know how to beach like a local. And if you are a local then you are so, so lucky.

Does this describe you?

You are a member on the SoWal Forum.

You've liked SoWal Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

You check the SoWal home page often.

You keep a SoWal Live Beachcam open on your desktop.

You have a SoWal sticker on your bike / car / fridge / kid / etc.

You have posted a photo on

You have SoWal in your inbox.

You own SoWal Gear.

You are So SoWal if...