MKAF Festival of the Arts

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Art lovers filled the MKAF village to view some of the country’s best artists at the 20th annual Festival of the Arts Oct. 24-25, 2015 at the Mattie Kelly Cultural Arts Village. One of the Southeast’s premier festivals, the two-day signature features exhibits of more than 100 artists from 12 states (and one from Europe) showcasing a diverse palette of artistic styles and mediums.

Of the many different mediums were represented at this year's festival of the arts showcased was everything from woodworking, pottery and folk art to photography and jewelry. Last year’s best in show Jeannie Maddox, painter from Dothan, AL was front and center with her photo realistic paintings and as always happy to explain her work to everyone who come by her booth.  Best in show this year went to Texas artist Lorri Honeycutt - Big World Photo.  Honeycutt’s macro photos are “a mix of miniature figures posed in clever situations.”

Food trucks, kid’s art tent, a woman on stilts and live music were a few of the other sights around the village.  Many of the artists were giving demonstrations on their process and most of the art was for sale. There was also a raffle tent with about 25 different pieces donated by artists involved in the event.

The Festival is sponsored, in part, by more than 30 local businesses and media partners, and is produced with the help of a team of more than 100 dedicated volunteers. 


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