Nutcracker Ballet at Seaside 2013 Photos

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Seaside co-founder and patron of the Arts Daryl Davis invited Alpharetta Dance Theatre dancers back to perform the Nutcracker with the Seaside Neighborhood School (SNS) dancers after a special performance last year on the main stage at the Seaside Amphitheater. The plan is to make the holiday classic a new SoWal tradition every year.

The Nutcracker in Seaside is under the direction of Rose Barile, an honor graduate of Juilliard School and former Prima Ballerina of the Atlanta Ballet, who danced Sugar Plum Fairy for decades. Barile recently celebrated her 30th anniversary as Director of Alpharetta Dance Theatre and her company has performed the Nutcracker in North Atlanta for 17 years.

“I truly enjoy working with the SNS dancers; they are extremely enthusiastic about learning,” said Barile. “We are creating an opportunity for these students to develop qualities of strength, discipline and leadership in their school and communities."

The Dance Academy of Seaside Neighborhood School is directed by both Andrea Alfieri, the jazz and musical theatre instructor and Seleta Hayes Howard, the classical ballet mistress. Founded by Alfieri, Cathy Brubaker and Howard in 2011, the program currently enrolls 27 students and has enhanced the school’s curriculum by offering alternatives to traditional physical education classes.

Hayes Howard, Nutcracker Ballet Mistress and former student of Barile, said, “We are grateful for the support of Daryl Davis, who is dedicated to bringing the Arts into our community. Our program provides students with the tools to improve their confidence, discipline, and dance skills for both presenting material and working toward a goal. This gives them a great sense of achievement as well as skills they will use in all life situations. It is an honor for them to share this cultural experience with our community.”

Alfieri, an On/Off Broadway veteran also commented, “For a classically trained dancer, Christmas is not complete without the Nutcracker. Having also danced this ballet from age eight well into my late twenties, it’s a joy to be part of sharing this magical holiday tradition with our students at SNS and the 30A community.”


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