Valentine Tour of Homes 2014 Photos

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Such a beautiful weekend and six beautiful homes on display Feb. 15-16, 2014 for the beloved annual Valentine Tour of Homes hosted by the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County (CAA). The tour showcased stunning interiors, architecturally-acclaimed homes and picturesque settings.

“Washaway” - A Grayton Tradition - 10 Hotz Avenyue in Grayton Beach
Alys Beach Home - 38 Whitby Court in Alys Beach
Brooks Home – 1676 JD Miller Road in Santa Rosa Beach
Thyme Street Home - 114 Thyme Street in Seagrove Beach
Taylor Home - 184 Banfill Street in Grayton Beach
Puckett Home - 243 Western Lake Drive in WaterColor

Proceeds from the self-guided annual tour benefit the CAA’s Educational Giving Program, which provides over $20,000 in grants to Walton County teachers and scholarships for students to participate in supplemental and continuing art education. is a proud partner of the CAA and we encourage everyone to support arts in our community by joining the CAA. Volunteers are always needed for great events throughout the year. In addition to the Valentine Tour of Homes every February, there are many art shows and events, and other festivals such as Artsquest in May, Flutterby Children's Art Festival in October, and 30A Songwriters Festival in January.


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