2016 "You're So SoWal If..."

December 2, 2016 by SoWal Staff

Each and every year in SoWal we have a bigly fun time reading entries and picking winners from our annual "You're So SoWal" contest.

Enter Below or email to!

Each year is unique with lots of South Walton beach lovers sending in entries by email, comment form, forum, and social media. Heck, we even got one taped to our windshield!  -Thanks to all who enter! We want to hear from you - whether you are a first timer or if you are a veteran and enter each and every year.

What does it mean to be so in love with South Walton Beaches? What's unique about South Walton? What's quirky? What's beautiful? What's funny? How about that traffic?!? Why is that sign on the beach!? Where's my next Margarita at?!

Check, SoWal Forum (one of the best sources for source material), SoWal Facebook and Twitter often to see some of the best submissions during the contest. Finalists and winners will be published on the site at the end of the season.

Last year's contest got a flood of responses, with hundreds of entries from locals and visitors. The SoWal Staff and some discerning local judges helped us narrow down the best entries.

Our 2015 Overall Winner  
You're So SoWal if ... you'd like to tell Truman to stop whining and have a Margarita!
- Dawn

First Runner Up  
You're So SoWal if ... you stay married to your husband so you don't lose your beach permit.
- prefers to remain anonymous (and married)

Second Runner Up  
You're So SoWal if ... you have a bear in your front yard and a shark in your backyard.
- Heath Reaves

Click here to read all of last year's winners and finalists.


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