Twin Oaks Farms at Seaside Farmers Market

January 18, 2012 by Chandra Hartman

There are many reasons why our farmers market is special and unique. One reason is our location by the beach in beautiful Seaside, but it's the vendors who are at the heart of the matter.

Renee Savary is one of our vendors who brings a unique aspect to our market. You can find her on the far Southeast corner of the amphitheater, every Saturday selling a variety of organic wares. Originally from Switzerland, though coming from Miami, Renee has a deep passion for sharing real food with others. Her 94 acre farm is located in Bonifay and she is currently the only vendor to bring us certified organic products from her farm.

From Pensacola to Apalachicola, Renee's chickens are the only ones to be raised on pasture and without soy. Happy Chickens! All of Renee's other offerings are handcrafted. Preserves are made with local fruit, primarily from her own farm. Herb salts are made with the finest sea salt and herbs from her gardens, and the vinegars and chutneys are made with locally sourced and organic produce.

Don't be shy about asking Renee about how her food is produced or where it comes from. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of sustainable farming practices and the benefits of a lifestyle centered on whole foods.  She can also guide you on how to best to prepare one of her chickens or how to serve the preserves. You pick.

Want to see the farm? Not so fast, Renee's is a working farm, so be prepared to work if you decide to drop by for a visit. One of the best times to visit Twin Oaks Farm is in the fall, during the Annual New Leaf Market Farm Tour. During this time, Twin Oaks Farm offers tours, small group workshops, and a scrumptious sampler lunch. So, plan on visiting this fall and in the meantime, come visit Renee at the market.
What you'll find at the Twin Oaks Farm Table: certified organic eggs, chickens (pre-order), chutney's, vinegars, preserves, herbed salt, fresh soup, basil pesto, and fresh herbs when available.   

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