Updates From The 1,000-Mile Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition

April 4, 2012 by SoWal Staff

The intrepid team is on their way through the heart of Florida wilderness from the Everglades to Georgia. They started in Flamingo bay and are journeying north through natural lands as part of a vision to protect an ecological corridor for people, ecosystems, and watersheds. This story will be continually updated with new stunning photos, video, and maps from the trek across Florida -

Our friend and contributor Elam Stoltzfus of Live Oak Productions sent us some photos from the trail, and we're posting the latest video in his documentary series.

Elam (center) with Bob DeGross (Big Cypress National Preserve) and Franklin Adams (Florida Wildlife Federation)

Elam & Joe Frank

Florida Wildlife Corridor Goals:

  • Protect and restore habitat and migration corridors essential for the survival of Florida’s diverse wildlife, including wide-ranging panthers, black bears and other native species
  • Restore water flow to the Everglades and sustain water supply to southern Florida
  • Continue to safeguard the St. Johns River and water supply for central and north Florida
  • Sustain the food production, economies and cultural legacies of working ranches and farms within the corridor
  • Bolster local economies through increased opportunities such as hunting, fishing, birdwatching and other forms of eco-tourism
  • Give wildlife and plants room to adapt to a changing climate and sea level rise

Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition video reports produced by Elam Stotlzfus and Joe Davenport of Live Oak Production Group for WUSF-TV. Elam hopes to soon renew his dream of documenting South Walton's unique coastal dune lake system



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