Vintage SoWal - Seagrove 4th of July 1979

July 3, 2015 by Payson Comer Howard

This photo is from July 4th 1979 at the start of the annual parade with ten Jeeps decked out with flags lining up on Hickory Street in Seagrove. The blue Jeep is owned by the woman in the blue bathing suit in the foreground who is Janie Soloman (Marie and Jane’s mom).

The next “jeep” is a white Scout that belonged to Ned and Linda New. The woman in the white bikini is Barbara McQuaage – they live in North Georgia now. The yellow Scout is our beach car. The man in the red tee shirt and long pants is my father Keith Comer. One of the jeeps towards the front belongs to the Spanns and the first house on the right belonged to Neva Spann. The next little house belonged to the Carruthers. They live in Dothan now. The house on 30A is still there today and has been redone recently and belonged to Sellars Spann.

The photo was taken by my mother, Didon Comer, from the porch of our beach house on Hickory Street - it is also still there.

The sailboat photos are from later the same day on the beach in front of my grandmother’s home in Seagrove right next to vacant land that was soon become Seaside.

The lovely lady in the festive white hat is my Grandmother Arabella Bott – known to all as “Babo”. And that is me…nice shades, right?


 Me and my Dad and Mom – Keith and Didon Comer.


Photos from the family archive of Payson Comer Howard Payson and crew are based in Seagrove Beach, offering vacaiton rentals and services every day all along SoWal Beaches to help you make your own vacation memories at Sunburst Beach Vacations - It's Time To Vacation!


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