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  1. Zumbachick

    Find out the truth about your health Tomorrow at 2 PM

    Come to the Free Functional Health Seminar at Fit Your Way Sunday, Jan. 13th. Event Here: Should We Eat Fat? The best and most recent medical studies say YES! Even though our governmental bodies have been saying NO! These recommendations are quickly being revised but bureaucracies move so...
  2. Zumbachick

    FREE Functional Health Seminar Jan. 13th at Fit Your Way-Testimonial

    Here what one of your Sowal neighbors has to say about their 3 Pillar experience by watching the video of Nina Tilley. More Info about the FREE Event Here: Video Here:
  3. Zumbachick

    Free Seminar Aug 20th: Do You Need To Get Serious About Your Health?

    Over 100 of your Walton County neighbors and friends have joined the 3 Pillar Program. People join 3 Pillars because they are dealing with a disease, heading toward a disease or aging faster than what they think they should? Do you look in the mirror and shake your head? These are all the...
  4. Zumbachick

    "Ending the Fear of Fat" by Dr. John Hinckley at Fit Your Way

    Sunday, Feb 12th at 3 pm Dr. John Hinckely will present the latest in Functional Medicine with his FREE seminar entited, "Ending the Fear of Fat." This seminar will inform attendees of the latest nutritional science concerning our healthiest nutritional choices. Dr. Hinckely spent 16 years in...
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