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Dec 7, 2008
tnjed another stock market lesson for many. the mkt defies reasoning many times. in all reality the mkt should ahve been down 500 today but isntead it frustrated the doomsayers yet again and rallied. i never predict what the mkt will do and only react. predicting gets you broke in the sotck game. that said it was a great day for day trading the long side all day


Beach Fanatic
Sep 4, 2006
Seagrove Beach, FL
true that. dogma has no place in the market. bad news is good news when a $15bln bailout overshadows a guaranteed loss of $50bln. buy the rumor sell the news. they can only fool mother nature for so long.

yesterday combined with this mornings 200 pt. plunge was a great place for me to lighten up my shorts. you never go broke taking a profit. gl to you...;-)
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