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    It's always time for live music in South Walton! promotes community events and live music throughout the year on our calendars. If your restaurant/business is in the South Walton area (Destin, SoWal, PCB, etc) and hosts live music shows, then we would love to hear from you. If you are a artist performing in the area, then keep in touch with us on a regular basis with updates on your shows.

    Our calendar editors work daily to update the SoWal Music Calendar with local and visiting bands playing at local venues anywhere in the area. Please send us an email each week/month to give us your details and updates.

    The SoWal Music Calendar is the only one of its kind in our area promoting venues and live shows on the Emerald Coast. This calendar is dedicated to music events only. You can find other local events and festivals at the SoWal Events Calendar. Larger music events and concert series can be found on both calendars.

    We hear from restaurants, towns/resorts, and artists on a regular basis regarding their shows. Email our music editor on a regular basis to keep us up to date.

    Live music entertainment is a fun part of life at the beach in South Walton as well as Destin and PCB. You'll find great music by local and visiting artists in restaurants and venues all along the coast every day, every week and all year round. We have more Nashville artists visiting and playing at SoWal venues than ever before, as well as singers/songwriters from all over.

    Our local artists are hard working and making amazing music such as Boukou Groove, Geoff McBride, Franko Washboard Jackson, Heritage, Forrest Williams Band, The Courtyard Saints, Old Bull Young Bull, Duck Phat, Dread Clampitt, Bo Springs Band, The Krickets, Continuum, Kyle Lamonica, Matt & Ally, Red Rocket, Hotel Oscar, Chris Alvarado, Cadillac Willy, The Steenos, The Owsley Brothers, The Rips.... and that's just to name a few.


    Artists and venues are invited to send your lineup to any time. We make it our business to promote this calendar constantly so our readers will have all the inside scoop about nightlife and local live music!

    Check SoWal Live Music Calendar every week! Find out where to see and hear the best live music at the beach.

    Duck Phat and Franko Washboard Jackson perform at Stinky's Fish Camp

    Here are some ways to connect with the online community and promote your events, music and business:
    1. Send us your community events (email us!).
    2. Post about your events and music in the SoWal Community Forums - let our readers hear from you directly (Music/Nightlife, Dining & Food, Events, Business, etc)
    3. Post or Tag #SoWal on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

    POST in the forum and reach a targeted audience of locals, frequent visitors and beach lovers.
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